I come to you. It makes more sense to be at your home to assess your design interests and needs. During the discovery process and the day of the presentation, I will share with you my ideas, library, and tools. These will allow us together to create the perfect design for you—at your residence!
In order to ensure the highest quality items at competitive prices, I purchase desired items for my clients as a manufacturer’s representative. In this way I can work directly with manufacturers to ensure the items exactly meet your requirements, are delivered in perfect condition, while offering discounts as a representative. Hence, my clients cannot purchase elsewhere the items that I source.
As the representative of various manufacturers, items must first be shipped to my warehouse so my warehouse team members can personally inspect each item to confirm it is in perfect condition. To ensure this quality control, items cannot be shipped directly to the client.
My prices are highly competitive in the interior design market. I encourage you to call around before engaging me. As a small business with thin margins, my prices and fees are not negotiable and I do not match prices.
Items change in color, style and price over time. Availability of items in color and style can be discontinued by the manufacturer at any time, and prices typically incur an increase twice a year, in January and July.
Payment is accepted only in the form of a personal check.
Fees are based on the weight of the items, and the exact fee is determined just before delivery. Retailers typically roll this cost into the purchase of the item to make customers think that they are receiving “free” delivery.

Researching furniture, lighting, fixtures, etc. on the Internet can be overwhelming as well as time-consuming. You hire me because as a professional designer I bring knowledge and expertise to your project. I am able to navigate the tremendous variety of resources available on the Internet as well as through manufacturers and vendors. I will resolve any problems that may arise, and I will help you avoid costly mistakes. On the Internet you may find yourself dealing with complicated matters that could result in difficult, costly problems. Here are some examples of problems you might encounter if you buy over the Internet

  • The description and grade of the items are not the quality you had expected.
  •  The item is out of scale and it will distort or even ruin the overall space.
  •  The item comes with a defect, and the customer service representative is not helpful in negotiating a return or exchange.

I bring the resources and the relationships with each one of my vendors to get the items for you in a timely, cost competitive manner—and to resolve problems promptly—so that you will start enjoying your newly decorated space right away.

Most of the items I provide my clients with are made by American companies in the USA, mostly in North Carolina. All of them are custom and made to order. I attend the International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, twice a year to update my accounts with my vendors and open new ones according to my clients’ interests and needs.

Here are few reasons why you want to hire me:

  • You have a vision and requirements, and I will work with you to realize your design, within your budget. My goal is to serve you, with my expertise and knowledge, to help you realize your dream design at the right price.
  • There are literally hundreds of decisions to make in a detailed design, including spatial configurations, furniture and accents, colors, textures, and so on. My job is to ensure that each of these decision points is addressed and answered fully according to your desires and needs. Not addressing all of these issues, correctly, in a proper design often leaves one unsatisfied with the final product. I make certain that does not happen.
  • Every single one of my projects gets finished, because I help you simplify the process and make your life easy.
  • I am super detail-oriented and will not miss a step during the process.
  • I am an expert in color design. I will challenge your ideas to help you find the space and beauty you want for your home. I am not happy until you are happy and satisfied.
  • I have access to products that are not available to the public.
  • My job is 25% creativity, and 75% project management and research. In a nutshell, here are some activities I perform in a project: I take measurements on site and translate those into 2D and 3D plans; I research extensively to find the right product for you, and then order it; I handle damage and delivery issues; and the list goes on…
  • I help you design your home with respect to your lifestyle and personality, and I make sure that the overall look is cohesive and right for you.

I am an interior designer. I work regularly with a client’s contractor or architect, as needed. While we all have different functions, it is essential to coordinate ideas, plans, and execution, to ensure your project is realized as you dream of it.

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